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Article: LABEKA in COLORFUL fashion

LABEKA in der BUNTE fashion


In this exclusive edition of BUNTE Fashion, we proudly present our handcrafted accessories that embody luxury and elegance. Our products feature high-quality materials and timeless design and are the result of our dedication to quality and style. From our fine leather handbags to elegant wallets, "LABEKA" offers accessories that underline the personality and taste of our customers.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to feature our brand in BUNTE Fashion, a magazine known for its look at the latest trends and fashion innovations. This editorial reflects our commitment to creating accessories that meet the highest standards of fashion and functionality.

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LABEKA im Porsche Club Deutschland

LABEKA at the Porsche Club Germany

"Your hands are free and you have everything you need with you! You can use the carabiner to clip and unclip what you need and put together an individual set." PClife 04-2020 page 70

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