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Furlane in Blau mit pinkfarbenem Ripsband


Venetian Furlane shoes made of soft velvet bordered by a grosgrain ribbon that sets accents. The signature rubber sole provides comfort and support. Italian craftsmanship, of course also Made in Italy.

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Save 55,00 €Leo Winter Furlane Slipper mit schwarzer Fake Fur Innensohle von LABEKAFurlane old pink | Pink
Furlane old pink | Pink Sale price55,00 € Regular price110,00 €
Furlane old pink | PinkBlauer Furlane Ballerina mit hellblauer Fell Sohle von LABEKA
Furlane old pink | Pink Sale price110,00 €
Furlane old pink | PinkFurlane Ballerina mit warmer schwarzer Fell Sohle von LABEKA
Furlane old pink | Pink Sale price110,00 €
Furlane Fuxia | PinkFurlane Fuxia | Pink
Furlane Fuxia | Pink Sale price99,00 €
Furlane LeoFurlane Leo
Furlane Leo Sale price99,00 €
Furlane old pink | PinkRoter Furlane Ballerina mit Fell Sohle von LABEKA
Furlane old pink | Pink Sale price110,00 €
Furlane GelbFurlane Gelb
Furlane Gelb Sale price99,00 €
Furlane DunkelblauFurlane Dunkelblau
Furlane Dunkelblau Sale price99,00 €
Furlane HellgrauFurlane Hellgrau
Furlane Hellgrau Sale price99,00 €
Furlane Black | BlackFurlane Black | Black
Furlane Black | Black Sale price99,00 €
Furlane Purple | PinkFurlane Slipper in Lilia mit Pinkfarbenem Ripsband eingefasst von LABEKA
Furlane Purple | Pink Sale price99,00 €
Furlane Royal Blue | PinkFurlane Royal Blue | Pink
Furlane Royal Blue | Pink Sale price99,00 €


The creation of a classic

The Furlane shoe: a touch of dolce vita for your feet!

They are comfortable, stylish and give every outfit an extra dose of Italian flair. We're talking about the popular Furlane shoes that have taken the fashion world by storm in recent years. But where does this fashionable classic come from? Let's delve into the fascinating origin story of the Furlane shoe and discover the secrets behind its success!

We travel back to the picturesque landscapes of northern Italy, more specifically to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, where the Furlane shoe has its roots. Originally, these shoes were worn by farmers in the region as practical everyday footwear. Made from soft, flexible fabric, often velvet or linen, they were extremely comfortable and conformed perfectly to the foot.

But how did this humble work shoe become a fashion statement? The story goes back to the 20th century, when Furlane shoes were first discovered by artists and intellectuals of the region. They recognized the shoes' potential as an expression of their creative personalities and began wearing them in their own circles.

The unique aesthetic of Furlane shoes, with their signature pointed toes and colorful embellishments, quickly caught the attention of the fashion elite. Famous designers and style icons such as Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn became ambassadors of this trendy footwear and helped popularize the Furlane in the fashion capitals of the world.

In the 1960s, the Furlane shoe finally became a sensation. The shoe workshops in Friuli-Venezia Giulia could hardly keep up with the increasing demand, and international designers soon began to create their own versions of the Furlane shoe. The combination of tradition and innovation made it the absolute must-have accessory for the fashion elite.

Today, decades later, the Furlane shoe has lost none of its appeal. From the catwalks to the street fashion looks, it has become an integral part of the fashion world. The designs have evolved to reflect modern tastes, but the essence of the Furlane shoe, elegant charm and quality, has remained unchanged.

So treat yourself to a touch of dolce vita and slip into a pair of Furlane shoes. Whether you pair them with a casual summer dress or a chic pair of dress pants, you're sure to turn heads. The Furlane shoe is a tribute to craftsmanship and Italian style and will continue to be a timeless symbol of elegance.