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Sustainable elegance

The connection between style and responsibility

In a world in which fashion is often characterized by fast pace, LABEKA sets an example by placing responsibility for sustainability and responsibility for the environment and society at the center of all decisions and is a central part of LABEKA's corporate philosophy.

At LABEKA, sustainability goes beyond the material. LABEKA stands for stylish, long-lasting lifestyle products. The pursuit of the best environmental and fair working conditions throughout the entire manufacturing process is always kept in mind. Fashion products from LABEKA are designed in Germany and manufactured in Europe.

The types of leather LABEKA uses are sourced exclusively from tanneries in Italy. These are certified leathers whose manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and traceable.

Unlike synthetic materials, leather can biodegrade, making it easier to dispose of after its lifespan. This is in stark contrast to the harmful residues often left in the environment by synthetic materials.

A special feature of LABEKA is the conscious decision to source all materials from Europe if possible. This not only reduces CO2 emissions due to long transport routes, but also strengthens the local economy.

The products are shipped exclusively with Go Green DHL, which means that every delivery is carried out in a climate-neutral manner.

LABEKA's packaging policy also underlines its commitment to sustainability. Without using plastic and using cardboard boxes made from recycled materials, LABEKA demonstrates that protecting our environment can be in harmony with stylish design.

LABEKA's commitment to not overproducing and supporting repairs shows a deep respect for our planet's resources. Partnering with German repair shops allows customers to care for and preserve their favorite pieces instead of throwing them away. Welcome to a world where European elegance and sustainability go hand in hand. Welcome to LABEKA, where fashion is not only worn, but also combines a message of responsibility and style in timeless products.