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About the designer

Lovely leather goods


The designer Kathrin Rößner is behind the lifestyle label LABEKA. The founder is also the creative head and face of the LABEKA brand from Bamberg. She realizes her own creative visions of a high-quality and timeless product line.

Kathrin has an intuitive understanding of design, a great knowledge of the quality of traditional bag-making and the value of the fine leather. In addition to innovative design, Kathrin also places the reliable quality of the products at the center of her work.

LABEKA offers everything modern women need for their everyday lives, in a classic style.


Die BUNTE stellt LABEKA und die Gründerin Kathrin Rößner vor


Die BUNTE stellt in ihrer neusten Ausgabe 28 | 2024 unter dem Titel "Freude am Schönen - Fashion aus Franken" unsere Gründerin Kathrin und das Label LABEKA vor. BUNTE 28 | 2024

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Unsere Journée-Tasche ist Grazia-Goodie der Woche! - LABEKA

Our Journée bag is the Grazia goodie of the week!

Grazia Magazine has dedicated a whole page to us and presents our Jounée in black as the goodie of the week! "Noble leather - flexible shape - made in Germany" This is how the popular fashion and l...

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Die Brigitte zeigt unsere Leo Clutch - LABEKA

Brigitte shows our Leo clutch

"In order to no longer have to constantly search desperately for this or that, the designer Kathrin Rößner from "Labeka" came up with a clever clip system: A lanyard keeps everything neatly togethe...

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Unsere Korbtasche erobert die COSMOPOLITAN - LABEKA

Our basket bag conquers the COSMOPOLITAN

"BASTA LA VISTA, BABY" That's what COSMOPOLITAN writes and presents its favorite bags made of raffia. Including of course our LABEKA raffia bag with real leather details!

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Die Gala präsentiert Pretty in Pink - LABEKA

The gala presents Pretty in Pink

"Pretty in pink: This pretty leather clutch not only sweetens our anticipation of upcoming date nights. Thanks to the "mix and match" principle and elegant carabiner hooks, the clutch can be indivi...

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LABEKA im Porsche Club Deutschland - LABEKA

LABEKA at the Porsche Club Germany

"Your hands are free and you have everything you need with you! You can use the carabiner to clip and unclip what you need and put together an individual set." PClife 04-2020 page 70

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