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Colorful loafers give you a playful yet elegant touch. The vibrant colors and high-quality leather make them a stylish statement for any occasion.

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Loafer PinkLoafer Pink
Loafer Pink Sale price189,00 €
Sandbeiger Damen Mokassin Loro von LABEKASandbeiger Damen Mokassin Loro von LABEKA
Mokassin Sandbeige Sale price189,00 €
Loafers BrownLoafers Brown
Loafers Brown Sale price189,00 €
Loafers LeoLoafers Leo
Loafers Leo Sale price199,00 €
Loafers BlackLoafers Black
Loafers Black Sale price189,00 €
Loafers BlueLoafers Blue
Loafers Blue Sale price189,00 €
Loafers DenimLoafers Denim
Loafers Denim Sale price189,00 €


The beginnings

In the chic streets of Milan, where the pulse of the fashion world beats, an icon of women's shoes makes its glamorous appearance - the loafer. The origin story of this timeless footwear is as fascinating as its sophisticated charm.

It was in the 1930s when women's fashion began to break away from rigid conventions and embraced a touch of masculine flair. Here the loafer entered the stage of elegance and comfort. Originally intended as a casual shoe for men, the loafer quickly became the darling of the female fashion elite.

A key moment in the history of the women's loafer was undoubtedly the introduction of the "penny loafer" in the 1950s. This iconic style, with a simple silhouette and a subtle opening on the top, got its name when creative students inserted coins into the small crevices - a sort of fashion statement and good luck charm at the same time.


The revolution

However, the true revolution of women's loafers came in the 1960s. The shoe underwent a metamorphosis as designers began experimenting with materials, colors and embellishments. It was the era of bohemia and creative expression, and the loafer became a symbol of rebellious elegance. Women paired it with skirts, pantsuits, and even mini dresses, which represented a break from the traditional expectations of the time.

In the 1980s, the loafer experienced a renaissance when it was brought to the runways by high fashion designers. Suddenly the loafer was not just a comfortable shoe, but a statement accessory that embodied style and confidence. Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Madonna helped establish the loafer as an essential item in every woman's wardrobe.


The classic

The loafer has reinvented itself over the years and still remains true to its core - a combination of elegance and comfort. These days there is an endless variety of loafers for women, from classic leather versions to eye-catching designs with studs, tassels or ribbons.

Its versatility makes the loafer the perfect companion for every occasion. From the office to the cocktail party, the loafer gives a woman a touch of casual and sophistication. From the streets of Paris, the boulevards of New York and the catwalks of the world, the women's loafer has found its place in fashion history and will undoubtedly continue to make a timeless impression. So the story of this shoe unfolds as a tale of innovation, style and the unstoppable evolution of women's fashion.